Amazing again! BARREL waits for you at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.

Our brand-new forged rim “BARREL” waits for you at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Two years ago, we introduced the roulette-like wheels, Gambler, at the Auto Salon 2016. And this time, BARREL is our brand new apparition of Stance forged line. It’s a genuine heir of the lineage which has GAMBLER, SHIFTGEAR, CRAZYNUMBER and so on. You can see this astonishing rim at Tokyo Auto Salon North hall 938.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Bosozok and BRE license plate frames
Bosozzok frames

A Happy New Year 2018!

A Happy New Year to you!

We wish you would have a fabulous new year.

We, Stanceconcept as BOSOZOK, are to exhibit at this upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2018. Please make time and join us. We can never wait to see you there.


BOSOZOK and BRE appeared on license plate frames!

Brand new license plate frames just released!

Under the sky falling on transparent season, you’re supposed to join several car show & swap meet.
Notice you need something appealing, this is it.

We just released new license plate frames on which have Bosozok’s and Banzai Racing Equipment’s logos. These are US-standard size.

You can show the spirits of Japanese nostalgic cars.

Bosozok and BRE license plate frames
Bosozzok frames
BRE frames


The Revolver Effect , unique feature of BOSOZOK BRE T-1

You can adjust the PCD to three different patterns such as 100, 110, and 114.3mm with this method.

How to do that?
All you have to do is to put the washers on the exact positions guided by three different holes which are one on one to each PCD.

You don’t have to revolve the washers on your own intuitive feeling. Just put them on the correct positions. That’s all.
It’s kind of Brunelleschi’s egg, isn’t it?

BRE revolver effect

See the three holes showing above.

BRE revolver effect washers

Put these washers on each position.

BRE revolver effect washers on the positions

Like this showing above. Each washer is equipped on three different positions.
You can use one of them for your PCD.

BOSOZOK revolver effect


JAPANESE BEGINNER DRIVER’S BADGE shaped JDM MAGNET just released last month!

We have already lined up Japanese beginner badge style JDM signs with a suction cap. But, when it comes to magnet, no products have been offered. Many people wanted the similar type of magnet signs,though.

Last month, at last we just produced the suction magnets and our close dealers started to supply. The new products have same design of suction cap types. Five different faces are available as the following pics showing.

Please check it out and get them for your JDM scenes.


BOSOZOK will come up soon!

BOSOZOK will come up soon!

So many people have asked us about where they can get the “BOSOZOK” wheels.
Whenever these inquiries reached us, we said, sorry not yet to be able to show you even the specifics.

Recently, at last the sample wheels appeared in front of us with its new ingenuity of which we can not yet to tell you.

Please check it out for the forthcoming rim’s line.


A Happy New Year !

A Happy New Year to you!

We wish you would have a happy new year.

And we, Stanceconcept, are really glad to be able to show you our newest products at this upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. Please take time to enjoy this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you at booth #1118.

S-forged Advance

cannot wait to see you at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2016


We, Stanceconcept, are going to exhibit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.

This titanic event started as “Tokyo Exciting Car Show” in 1983, and was renamed as “Tokyo Auto Salon” for 5th annual in 1987. In nascent years, it was held for customized car’s showcases only. However, recently the exhibitors are from world-wide automobile related companies to individual maniac. Next year’s 34th annual gathering will be held as one of the biggest events for modified cars and its culture all over the world.

So, we can never wait to see you there. Our exhibition booth will be located at #1118. Please take time to visit.


carbon fiber rim

We, Stanceconcept Forged, proudly introduce our new authentic product “Genuine Carbon Fiber Automotive wheels.

Throughout our long-time experience, we have tried to produce automotive rims which realize more superior strength and light-weighting. Aluminum? No. The familier material has not been enough to achieve the object.
What else?

As you can see, we found the solution in the sky. Carbon fiber materials used for an airplane maintain higher safety and precision under the toughest condition. Corvus Corp’s carbon fiber composite materials have been utilized for the aviation industry.

carbon fiber rim's corvus corp

Carbon fiber automotive wheels have always been a luxury item in the car industry due to expensive costs of raw material and inherent difficulties in mass production. However,the Corvus corp’s experience in the manufacture of aviation products and thier unique capability of bringing mass-production technology to the composite industry made it overcome such obstacles. Finally we succeeded in the development of exclusive wheels for street cars, made of genuine carbon fiber materials for the first time in the world.

Unlike usual 3-piece rims, the new product consists of in- and outer- two pieces. Available rim size are the followings.

SIZE 19 20 21 22
8.5J just released just released coming soon coming soon
9.0J just released just released coming soon coming soon
9.5J just released just released coming soon coming soon
10.0J just released just released coming soon coming soon
10.5J —– just released coming soon coming soon

If you are interested in this one, please contact us!

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