The Revolver Effect , unique feature of BOSOZOK BRE T-1

You can adjust the PCD to three different patterns such as 100, 110, and 114.3mm with this method.

How to do that?
All you have to do is to put the washers on the exact positions guided by three different holes which are one on one to each PCD.

You don’t have to revolve the washers on your own intuitive feeling. Just put them on the correct positions. That’s all.
It’s kind of Brunelleschi’s egg, isn’t it?

BRE revolver effect

See the three holes showing above.

BRE revolver effect washers

Put these washers on each position.

BRE revolver effect washers on the positions

Like this showing above. Each washer is equipped on three different positions.
You can use one of them for your PCD.

BOSOZOK revolver effect